Ques: Is Lucknow nursery a startup company?
Yes, we have just started this business. Although we are new but our quality is at par with any other Nursery Giant.
Ques: Do you deliver your products in whole Lucknow or only in a particular area?
We deliver in all parts of Lucknow with Free Shipping and same day delivery.
Ques: Do you deliver your products outside Lucknow?
Yes we deliver even outside Lucknow. However it depends on the quantity of order.
Ques: Do you also deliver Bonsai plants?
Yes, Bonsai plants along with all other types of plants are available with us.
Ques: What makes you different from other online delivering portals?
Free Shipping and delivery within 4-5 hr while ensuring 100% quality of our products makes us unique.
Ques: Do you offer free shipping for all your products?
Yes, all of our products will be provided with free shipping.
Ques: Do you have same day delivery policy for all products?
Yes, all the products will be delivered in the same day within 4-5 hrs.
Ques: What about cancellation and refund policy?
Once order is placed it can be cancelled with refund within 1 hr. As of now there is no refund policy.
Ques: How to take care of the plants?
All the details about the steps to care for a particular plant is in the description of the website.
Ques: Do you deliver your plants including pots or without pots?
Some plants are with pots. It’s all your choice, you can add a perfect looking pot to your plant from our website.
Ques: Why  are you not accepting payment by card method now?
We’re planning on it. Soon we’ll be taking payments via card.